Cummins Family Line

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If you are researching a Cummins (Cummings) family, this page may help you figure out if your Cummins family is part of this line.

If you are descended from this Cummins line, this page may help you sort out who is who. The following can also be found on Ancestry in the MoranCumminsDuffyAndMore Tree as well as others on the same site.

Generation 1

My Cummins line begins with John Cummins (1797-1872).  Family lore has John referring to himself as a native of Maynooth, County Kildare Ireland.

In Ireland John married Ann (1805-1875) .  We don’t know Ann’s maiden name.  Their children were:  James B. (1835-1915), Patrick (1835 (?)-1915), and Ann (circa 1842)

Lots of discrepancies in Patrick’s age on records after his arrival in USA.  On his headstone is the phrase “Born in Dublin”, his date of death (December 26, 1915) and “80 y.” James had died in March of the same year (1915), and his age at time of death was reported as 80 years old.  So they may have been twins.

Circa 1854 John and Ann Cummins immigrated to Iowa with Patrick, James, Ann, and a cousin, Michael Cummins. In the 1860 federal census John and Ann are farming in Monroe County Iowa.


Generation 2

Patrick Cummins married Elizabeth Richards on Febuary 4, 1864.  Patrick and Elizabeth had a daughter Ann, born in 1864. The family farmed in Guilford, Monroe County Iowa.

James Cummins married Joanna Geary at St. Patrick’s church, Georgetown, Iowa on October 13, 1866.  They farmed first in Heitman, Iowa and later in Lucas County, Iowa.

By 1883 James and Joanna have 10 children:  twins Elizabeth and John (1868), Michael (1870), Edward (1871), Anna (1872), Mary (1875), Nellie(1878), James S. (1880), Margaret (1881), and Emmett (1883).

In 1874 Ann Cummins married John Ryan.  By 1885 Ann Cummins Ryan is widowed and living in Guilford, Monroe County, Iowa with her four children:  Matthew (1875), John (1876), Catherine (1879), and Annie (1881).


Generation 3

Patrick and Elizabeth’s only child Ann Cummins married Edward Crall October 2, 1897.  Ann and Edward Crall farmed in Guilford, Monroe County, Iowa.  They had three children: Edmond (1898), John (1902), and Patrick (1904)

James and Johanna’s 10 children:

Elizabeth Cummins (1867-1939) married James Sinnott on February 26, 1889. Elizabeth and James Sinnott farmed in Guilford, Monroe County Iowa.

Elizabeth’s twin John Cummins (1867 – ) married Kate Hurley on April 3, 1894. They had five children:  James (1894), Marguerite (1897), Nora (1900), William (1902), and Johanna (1909).  John farmed in Guilford, Monroe County, Iowa.

Michael Cummins (1870-1965) married Jenny Logan.  They had no children.

Edward Cummins (1871-1952) never married.  Edward farmed in the Melrose area and is buried with his parents.

Anna Cummins (1872-1957) married James Roan.  Anna and James Roan had three daughters, Margaret (1902), Johanna (Joan) (1904), and Mary (1908).

Mary Cummins (1875-1926) married John McGrath.  Mary and John McGrath had eight children:  Edmund (1897), Herbert (1900), Maurice (1902), Helen (1904), Joe (1905), Dave (1907), Kathryn (1908), and Mary (1914).

Nellie Cummins (1878-1970) married Thomas Carmody.  Nellie and Thomas Carmody had no children.

James S. Cummins (1880-1970) married Agnes O’Connor.  They had two daughters, Margaret (1916) and Mary Jo (1924).

Margaret (Maggie) Cummins (1881-1941) married the Melrose physician, Thomas Moran.  They had four children:  Walter (1911), Mary (1913), Tom (1914), and John (1918).

Emmett Cummins (1883-1970) first married Kathryn McGrath.  They had two children:  Lucille (1913) and Edward (1917).  After Kathryn died, Emmett married Revena Crowe and they had two daughters, Mary Ellen (1926) and Anna Jo (Jo Anne)(1928).

I have no information about the children of Ann and John Ryan.