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Duffy Family History


In 1857 Patrick Duffy(1804-1889) and Alice Burns Duffy(1812-1863) came to America with 14 of their 15 children.  The eldest son, Michael, had immigrated a year earlier.  They joined Michael and lived in Independence Iowa until 1860 when they purchased property in Lester Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa.  Father Patrick and sons farmed adjoining 160-acres along a road that is today named Duffy Road.

A daughter Mary (1834-1858) died shortly after arriving.  The mother Alice Burns Duffy died in 1863.  Catherine Alice (1832-1877) married first a Shannon and then a man named Woods.  The father Patrick, remaining daughter Bridget, and 12 sons lived long lives:  Michael (1835-1918); John (1836-1930); Patrick (1841-1930); Bridget (1842-1926) (married Thomas Duffy – no relation); James (1843-1925; Francis (1844-1928); Owen Sylvester(1846-1927); Hugh(1847-1938); Peter Henry(1849-1949); Mathias(1850-1925); Edward(1852-1938); Thomas (1854-1949); Joseph (1856-1924).

John Duffy married Margaret McLaughlin in 1864.  

Sister Sister: Alice’s Story

The uncertainty of her identity in the above photograph highlights how little my family knows about our grandmother’s sister Alice. Daughter Alice was born to John Duffy and Margaret McLaughlin Duffy in 1865.  By 1882, Alice was the oldest of … Continue reading

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